In one's life, it is inevitable to be free from entanglement, loss, loneliness, confusion and even melancholy. We have lost too much beauty and countless opportunities in our mixed life. Time passes in a hurry, how deep is love? Gather, disperse and depart. In the season of falling leaves, some past events are swept up by the wind and dust, such as the still water of a lake. Once touched, countless tiny waves rise and fall in the heart. It has always been believed that in the journey of life, there will always be a heart door that is hidden, and there will be a feeling worth caring outside the door. Maybe it's the desire in my heart that I don't want to give up, releasing a kind of light sadness in the years, or, in the days when the wind rises and the flowers fall, condensing into a concern, and deeply and shallowly integrating into the time, feeling the sadness of the past. Perhaps, life is a load of no regrets, there is always a feeling like wine, releasing meaningful fragrance in the years of Liufang. Walking in the open countryside, a person's world, a pure heart, but also so leisure. In the open sky, watching the birds fly by, watching the wild flowers bloom, the green of a green grass will make your heart relaxed. The mountain is green and the clouds are over the mountain. The water is quiet and peaceful. In front of the pavilion, the willow sways gently in the breeze. Warm sunshine on the body, a warm flow through the blood, a kind of inexplicable little happiness inadvertently into the bottom of my heart. In the distance, a path winding to the distance, at this moment, in the corner of time, walking alone, there is no season thin cool, there is no years of vicissitudes, only a heart to accompany, the happiness stretch extended. It is said that life is like a sea and the years are like a song. Then let yourself have a blooming time, collect all the beauty, spread the fragrance of the journey, and spread the warmth to every day! Often, intoxicated in a piece of music, immersed in the singer's deep and sad tunes, as if isolated from time and space, the beating beat will soothe the heart gently, without looking back on the past, without asking about the future, it will also be reassured. The melody enters the ear, the heart flies with the note an ethereal heart, flies over the sea, penetrates the misty white clouds, and merges with all things in the world. The four fields are open, the heart sublimates in the realm of no self, and the time suddenly stops. Swim in the pure blue sky, peel off all the burden, wash the prosperity. The heart dances with the white cloud man, how much time does the wind and dust waste? Why not sigh the vicissitudes of life? Just like to be a dust, free to rise and fall; or into a drop of dew, to enjoy the spray; or into a seed of germination, in the corner of time, quietly open a small flower with a fragrance.